How the Crisis in Hong Kong Affects Us in Hamburg

Datum: 08. November 2019
Zeit: 18:00 bis 19:30
Ort: Bucerius Law School, Heinz Nixdorf Hörsaal (2.28)

Documentary Screening ‘Tiananmen to Hong Kong: The Fight for Democracy’, Panel and Open Discussion


  • Glacier Kwong, Hong Kong political activist
  • Au Nok-Hin, member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (via live stream)
  • Carl Cevin-Key Coste, chairman of Junge Liberale Hamburg
  • Wiebke Winter, chairwoman of Junge Union Bremen
  • Laura Frick, vice chairwoman of Junge Sozialdemokraten Hamburg

What started with mass protests against the amendment of an extradition bill in Hong Kong during the summer of 2019 has since developed into a comprehensive pro-democracy movement. Now, members of the movement wish to highlight that the influence of the Communist Party of China does not solely concern the local community in Hong Kong – but that it is indeed spreading throughout the world.

Hongkongers are facing increasingly fierce suppression from both their own government and the Mainland Chinese regime. But what does the growing global influence of the People’s Republic of China mean for Western societies? For instance, there are concerns that ever-rising amounts of “red capital” in Europe are being used as China’s political lever to exert influence over businesses and state entities. How would a decline of democratic values in Hong Kong affect Western countries? And why should the fight for democracy in Hong Kong concern us in Hamburg?

Democracy activists from Hong Kong wish to raise awareness on this issue and its global impact. They would like to create an opportunity for the audience and the panel to exchange ideas on how European communities and governments can support the democracy movement in Hong Kong.

Our guest speaker Glacier Kwong is a political activist from Hong Kong and a Master’s degree student of University of Hamburg. Recently, she accompanied Joshua Wong on his trip to Germany to gain support from German politicians for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement. 


  • 18:00 Welcoming / Introduction 
  • 18:10 Documentary screening “Tiananmen to Hong Kong: The Fight for Democracy”
  • 18:30 Panel discussion with guests 
  • 19:00 Open discussion (audience with guests)
  • 19:30 End of official part

The event will be held in English. The event is a cooperation between Amnesty International student group of Bucerius Law School and “The Hong Kong Hamburgers”.

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